LOOKING FOR pheasants, goats, turkeys, peacocks, pigeons (Central lake mi)

I am a small hoppy farm and animal rescue.

Little Hands, Paws, Plants and all feathers of a kind

I also have 12 parakeets and 2 macaws and also willing to open my house to any kind of indoor bird.

Looking for unwanted animals to give them a new home. Pet only! 20+ years of experience. I have 3 kids and want to show them the ways of taking in new responsibilities. We have about 20 rabbits as pets. I have 12 peacocks 4 turkeys and a few ducks and chickens as well as a few exotic pheasants and quail. Will take any unwanted birds. Pheasants, chickens, ducks, quail, even house birds like budgies, parrots ect. I own my place so building stuff all the time. Lots of extra caging for all sizes of pet. Please text me your name and your animal you would like placed in their new home. I am an animal drop off site for unwated pets. Im always looking to add different animals. I have red golden and golden pheasants as well as mutant melanistic pheasants and lady Amherst pheasants.

If its goats they must test negitive for any livestock diseases . I live in central lake.

If goats, I don't have enough spacing for bachelor pens so preferably one buck, does and a couple banded bucks don't have enough room for too many bucks banded or not.

I have 20+ years in all animals but focus more so on small farm life. Many times people don't understand how much time and money it takes to care for the animals and tend to let them go or k!ll them. I am always willing to take on more animals. I have plenty of time and love between me my husband and the kids for any animal brought to us.

Kids and I also are looking for a pair of emus or pair of ostrich.

I'm not buying! I'm looking to give unwanted pets a new home were they will be cared for, loved and played with by kids. I'm also not affiliated with pet stores!

We also have a new pen built for larger goats or even a mini cow or pigs.

Any larger livestock must test negative for any diseases.

Will also take your unwanted or unsold pigeons weather they are homers tumblers ECT.

I do not have space for any more roosters or Drake ducks!!! We had way too many drop offs last year and I am currently housing 12 roos!!!

Text keys. Pigeons, turkeys, pheasants , birds, goats, sheep, rabbits, bunnies, quail, peacocks, budgies, parrots, even Farrots, cows, pigs, quail,

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