FENDER BASSMAN 250 /210 - $325 (Ludington)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: FENDER
model name / number: BASMAN 250/210
Fender Sound, Solid-state Power, Light Weight!

The Fender Bassman 250/210 is an elegant piece of bass amplification designed to deliver full power through a compression driver horn and two great sounding 10" drivers. Designed to be portable, yet loud enough for gigging, the Bassman 250/210 has a high-quality XLR output, great for recording or amplifying a live signal. The full horn attenuator allows you to achieve a range of tones from bright thumb-style playing (full horn) to warm upright bass tones (horn off) and anything in between!

Fender Bassman 250/210 Combo Amplifier at a Glance:
A great combination of power, speaker and tone shaping in a compact amp!
Built-in compressor plus 4-band EQ and "Contour" controls
Pad, line out and other features for pro use
Ruggedly built for action
A great combination of power, speaker and tone shaping in a compact amp!
Don't let the Bassman 250/210's light weight - only 63 lb. - fool you! This is a powerful bass amp, with 250 watts of solid-state power. The two 10" Fender Special Design Eminence USA PRO speakers deliver tons of tone. Plus, the Bassman 250/210 features a compression driver high frequency horn with its own attenuator to capture thumb-style playing!

Built-in compressor plus 4-band EQ and "Contour" controls
The Bassman 250/210 amp gives you plenty of tone-shaping power. The built-in compressor has a fixed threshold and adjustable ratio to provide a solid signal without overloads. The special "Contour" control is a variable scoop applied to the MID section for slap-style playing. In addition, you've got 4-band EQ control: Bass, Low and High Semi-Parametric Midrange (Freq/Level), and Treble.

Pad, line out and other features for pro use
Recording with the Bassman 250/210 is easy with the included XLR balanced line out. It features an independent level control, a pre/post switch and a ground lift. The Bassman 250/210's 6dB input pad handles high-output basses. You can control the high frequency horn with its 3-position attenuator switch (Full, -6dB, Off). A mute switch keeps your amp ready, while the built-in effects loop lets you connect your favorite pedals. Plus, the Bassman 250/210 includes a tuner output for silent tuning and a headphone jack that automatically cuts the speaker signal.

Ruggedly built for action
Your Bassman 250/210 will hold up for the long run, with a real wood cabinet! The black carpet covering, black metal grille and brushed aluminum control panel will look great for years. The Bassman's removable casters make it easy to roll into the club, while its spring-loaded handles provide smooth carrying. And at only 39 lb. the Bassman 250/210 will make your bandmates like you better!

So add it all up: great Fender sound, flexible tone shaping, pro features, and sturdy design, and you'll realize that the Bassman 250/210 is the ideal choice for steady gigging or weekend use!

Fender Bassman 250/210 Amplifier Features:
250-watt solid-state amplifier
Two 10" Fender Special Design Eminence speakers
High-frequency horn with attenuator
Compression, EQ and Contour controls
-6dB input pad (for high output basses)
XLR line out jack for recording or PA feed
RCA auxiliary input jacks for playing along with tape or CD
Mute switch, tuner output, effects loop
Headphone jack (automatically cuts signal to speaker for privacy)
Plywood cabinet (no particle board)
Heavy duty spring loaded handles and removable casters
The Bassman 250/210 combines power, sound, and portability!

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