2004 Chevy impala, 72k miles! (Grayling)

2004 Chevy impala, 72k miles! 1 thumbnail2004 Chevy impala, 72k miles! 2 thumbnail2004 Chevy impala, 72k miles! 3 thumbnail2004 Chevy impala, 72k miles! 4 thumbnail
Car has roughly 72,000 miles but will go up as it gets driven here and there. It runs and drives straight. Has been reliable to me for years and years, as with most 04s though it does have its issues…
It could use new brakes, it’s muffler was completely torn off so it’s very loud, CD player quit working years ago, and the dashboard is messed up. Speed gauge and fuel gauge are typically not accurate. I usually track mileage on the odometer. The rear view mirror on the windshield broke off from a subwoofer years ago. One of the rear plate lights is out, but that’s an extremely cheap fix. Only drive here and there, not in a rush to sell as it’s paid off and has been extremely reliable. Lastly, obviously it is rusty as it saw many many upper Michigan winters.
It has new all season tires with probably 2,000 or less miles on them. If you’re looking for something to put a few hundred dollars into and don’t really care about having the “coolest” car on your block, you’ve came to the right spot. It has been extremely reliable for me, and if the(lack of a) muffler wasn’t a reason to get pulled over, I would trust this car to drive across the country tomorrow. It wouldn’t be the coolest car on the road, but it would get you there! $2,400 OBO.

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